Inside #1

Published by the same studio, you can really see the similarities in the gameplay and even the way you start the game.

Like Limbo, I knew about this game a little bit since I had watched a part of a playthrough when it came out a while ago but that is it. I did not watch all of it, so I can say that I am still going in blind to this game.

The most distinguishing difference in this game, so far, is the choice to make the game in color. 

So, I tried to be as sneaky as possible, but there came a point where I was eventually spotted by the dog. One thing I like about this game so far is the sound effects. An important note here is that you can even hear the boy whimpering, which I find helps the game feel more realistic and relatable. 

I just wanted to give a shoutout to the WHOLESOME CHICKS, they are the cutest and I was able to use them to complete my first puzzle-type obstacle. 

For the most part, I had gotten used to the need to think on my feet and be ready to run because of Limbo; but I was not prepared for the hog. Not going to lie, that was my first death, but I did get over it after a few tries. 

Here is where things got interesting, so for one of the puzzles I had to assume control of what looked like to be some mannequins so that I can make progress. My idea is that these probably have to do with the story, I just do not know how yet. 

After some more obstacles, I eventually get to the ruins of a city, with a bunch of people marching, which reminded me of the Pink Floyd song “Another Brick in the Wall”. So far, I feel like this game devotes more to telling a story, than it does in making the player overcome numerous challenges.

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