Game Review 9/7

Today I am going to review a game called Super Mario World. It is another game for the SNES, which as you can tell is one of my favorite consoles ever! SMW is a side scrolling Mario game that released in 1990 and is a very long yet entertaining game. It contains a variety of worlds ranging from forest to desert settings (that have food-related names), and provides challenges of varying difficulties. One of my favorite aspects of this game is the high amount of secrets in it. In every world there is a hidden keyhole and an exit that leads to a switch tower or secret area which can help you to get other secrets in the later worlds. I remember having such a fun time discovering the secrets and beating that levels as they got more complicated. The forest world is especially interesting because there are multiple exits in each level which you need to progress and access the secret areas. The story is the same Mario plot where you need to save the princess, and where the final boss is Bowser. However, the game does not end there, siren there are two secret world filled with other less traditional levels. The castles and ghost houses feel a little spooky since the music is a bit unsettling, but for the most part it is a very cheerful game with a vibe similar to that of others in the franchise, I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants a chill yet challenging at time Mario game, since it is one of the great installations in this franchise. There is also a two player option where you can play with a friend if you want! It is a 9/10!!

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