Firewatch journal.

This is the unofficial beginning for my Firewatch journal documenting my play through of the game Firewatch. I watched two trailers for the game, and so far it looks really great. The visuals look stunning, and it looks like an escape from our stressful world, into a world of relaxation, at least in the start. The two trailer seemed different siren in the 2015 version, the characters seemed to already know each other, and established a relationship, while in the 2016 version the characters just met and over problems seemed to be arising with a possible antagonist being revealed. The storyline looks to be rich and I can tell that once things hit the fan, its going to be a very bumpy ride.

Apart from that, I have never played a game like Firewatch, since I do not normally play story driven games with what it seems like little action. I had also been focused on multiplayer games. therefore,I hope that playing this game will open a new door for me!.

-Brandon 9/2/2021:)

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