FireWatch #2

I continued off from my last entry, and I played for about 1 hour. I started the day off by fixing the window which was shattered the last time I played. Surprisingly, after that and some quick dialogue with Delilah, I skipped a few days, and ended up in the night. Then I witnessed quite a sight, a forest fire at night. I have not seen one of these in person, but even in the video game it was a horrid yet intruiging sight. It is a very sad sight since it displaces animals and destroys nature, but it something that must be rare to witness, not that I would want to!! After that there was an even bigger leap in days, I honestly was not expecting such a leap but at the same time we need to get through the summer, and I do not think that the game would be THAT long.

There was a sequence that caught me off guard, when I talked to Julia. I can’t tell if that was a dream or not, but I was definitely not expecting to talk to her. I didn’t really like any of the choices of dialogue that I had, and even I did not know what to say. I wasn’t sure whether I should be serious or let my guard down, andI felt like it was such an awkward conversation. I low-key think that they might pull a Joker and say that either Julia or Delilah doesn’t exist, I would not be surprised if something like ether were to happen since this game seems to have some darker aspects at play. After that there was a long and kind of uninteresting hike where I was supposed to get supplies, and was pretty uneventful.

The next instance that caught me off guard was at the lake. I was told to look for prints around the shore, but after 6 minutes of looking and scouring the internet for an answer, it turned out that I did not even need to look for tracks, and insteadI I needed to inspect a clipboard that I blatantly ignored in top of a rock. That is when things started to speed up, since the paper had transcripts of our conversation, and soon after I found a walkie talkie that looks like mine but red. Immediately right after that I got hit over the head by someone, and fell unconscious. I got startled because I was sitting in the dark alone, I was thinking that I made a wrong decision but I woke up and started telling my boss what happened.

Based on what I told her she informed me to go to a new area called Wapiti meadow, which was where the gate I found last time. I assumed that I wasn’t going to get it open, and therefore radioed in anticipation. After some talk about how I’m not RIPPED, she told me to go down to a firefighter camp down in the bottom right corner in the map. There was another long hike, where I took my time to see if I can find any secrets, which I sadly did not. There was a bridge leading to the campsite but it was broken, and after looking at the time I realized I had to leave real soon.

I decided to torture myself and stopped playing right there, I will probably play more this upcoming week since I did not have much time this weekend. I am really anxious to see what will happen next!!

-Brandon Rojad


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