Firewatch #1

This is my first entry for my journal, I got home today and played Firewatch for a little more than 1 hour and got the first 2 days done. First impressions of this game are that it is very relaxing. Usually for the games that I play, I am sitting up because they are very fast paced. I did not expect the first section to contain choices, and I assumes there will be implications that are yet to be seen. I found it funny how my choice of the drawing appeared later on, which was a nude drawing:(). Just like the trailer, the game is very beautiful, an eerie aspect of it is that there is little to no music! Most of the only sounds are just nature!!! After the choices and exposition in the beginning, we are introduced to the two main characters, Henry (me) and Delilah (my supervisor), based on the trailer our relationship looks like it’s become complex and perhaps romantic in the future.The storyline so far is interesting, and it seems like a very relatable story, since sometimes you need a break in life and people may find themselves in this situation, where they need an escape. While things may seem innocent, I still have that feeling deep inside of me that there is gonna be a twist at the end. There are certain things to confirm my suspicions such as the gated fields and cave, and the fact that we cannot go see Delilah. The conversations between my character and Delilah’s is is pretty much small talk with a little bit of information sprinkled here and there. I’m not gonna lie, I went exploring for a bit, and I felt a little but like a kid because I wanted to explore all of the park at once. I stopped right when I started Day 3 since I did not want to get too ahead of myself, and I want to take things slow. I can see why people call this the “walking simulator”, but it is still playable, due to the chill atmosphere and intriguing storyline! I hope to play more soon!!

Brandon Rojas


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