Project Update

The process has been a difficult one, but the first drafts have been sent in and I am proud to say that I feel confident that we have accomplished most of the goals set out. The hardest things that I had to come to terms with being limited by Omeka. Our primary reason for choosing that was to give justice to the “scrapbook feel”. I feel like we have accomplished this goal, with all of the associated metadata. The only portion that we are unable to fix are some of the formatting on some of the pages with present some accessibility issues too. The bulk editor definitely helped out with changes, especially last-minute ones, but there were sadly some item-specific data elements that I had to edit manually for each one. One of the metadata fields that puzzled me was the “Identifier”. I was not sure what to put in there, but I have a slight feeling that I will have to go back and edit it before the next submission. Like I said before I am no expert, especially when it comes to using Omeka. However, being able to use the site has both enhanced my knowledge of the digital tools available to use and made me recognize my limits in the amount of knowledge in this area. I am excited to see what the next steps are for revising our site and improving what we currently have there. 

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