Operation Facelift

I chose this name for this post because part of the revitalization of my site included a facelift. I took some of the practical and philosophical lessons about digital identity and applied them here. I added more pages that include more information on myself and the site. I changed the header image to reflect something cleaner than a distracting cityscape. It is meant to be something abstract which I feel relates to my site due to its peculiar nature. I really like the way it looks now since there are now other pages and sections which help create a sense of confidence for both myself and my site. There are still more things that I want to improve such as the consistency of the site. While I do not plan on blogging every single day; like I learned yesterday I can do so whenever it is not a burden to me. Overall, I plan on growing this site with more projects and ideas that I will implement here as soon as I come up with them.

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