Last Project Update

Because of the ramped-up workload this week I was not able to post this update before the final project due date. But I would still like to update and reflect on the last few parts of the project that needed fixing. Last weekend I spent a few hours going through the site and ensuring that all of the data is there. During this time, I found a few missing portions of data which I had to go back and fix manually. It was a bit funny how the exhibit pictures were not public last time and therefore did not show up when they were viewed normally. Because we made it public, I had to go back and change some of the data since these images were now public. Another issue I had to correct was the tagging system. Dr. McClurken said that it was not clear how to use the tags. On top of that, the site’s code did not allow us to make any significant changes to make the tagging search feature more obvious. To reach “search by tag” before, you had to click on the three little dots on the search bar, which is not that accessible. But now, I created a guide on the menu bar which not only talks about how to search and navigate the site but also has a direct link to “search by tag”. I tried to make the best out of the situation and I feel like this helps clarify both what the tags mean and a better way to search them. Once again, I feel proud of the work we have done and I believe we were able to work around some restrictive aspects of Omeka with a bit of explaining and linking the site together.

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