ADH Project Update

Almost done! I was very excited to look and respond to the feedback earlier this week. I found most of them to be typos and other minor issues that could be fixed within a bit of time. Others were things that were beyond our reach and were related to the site’s code, which we do not know how to exactly tweak. As for the rest of the issues they are things that are within our reach. To keep on track, we have created a document to track what we have left to do based on the feedback and our own goals. We have divided the work between us my portion of the work revolves around the backend. I need to ensure that all of the data is there and need to finish making sure that the tagging system is completely universal. I also need to add a bit more clarifications on how to use and navigate through certain portions of the site. I have found that I like entering data and making sure everything is in working order by when the site needs to go public. Looking from the beginning to now, I am very excited to show others the finished product. Most of the appearance of our site is in the right spot, but the portions that need a bit more love are the more technical portions to ensure that the correct information is present. I look forward to finally saying that our site is finished.

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