ADH Project Update

Things are looking well! We have been ahead of schedule in some aspects, while we have caught up in others. Without spoiling too much of the project update we have in store for tomorrow (we have made significant improvements), we have also made some big steps in preparing the backend of the site. Looking ahead, I want to start improving the site’s look. I hope that this website is not only interesting because of the information that is displayed on it; but also because it feels welcoming for anyone curious about it. Like many things with Omeka, this will require a bit of tinkering on our end. While we have finished much of the monotonous portions of the project, apart from some of the more interesting parts which include the creation of the other exhibits; we can now look into the joys of making this site as beautiful as possible.

This does not mean that we are finalized with the uploading and transcribing. We intend to go back to double and even triple-check what we have already accomplished. We have already begun to review some of the work and are looking into things that we want to change and improve upon.

Overall, I am very optimistic about where this project is going since I feel like it is branching out to areas that I did not even know we were going to touch upon. I say this because we are going to have a meeting with Carolyn Parsons to get to know her and obtain additional insight into the original source which will do right by it as well.

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